The team is currently actively working on collecting and processing applications.
We are also looking for funding to implement this project so that Ukrainians can quickly master the IT profession and find employment, reducing the burden on countries that have provided them with shelter, as well as be able to provide a future for themselves and their children.
Lifechanger is a project to help Ukrainian immigrants learn a new IT profession and earn a stable income.

The Ukrainian charitable foundation "Our World" with the support of the IT Education Academy (ITEA) are launching a joint project for Ukrainian migrants who lost their jobs due to the war with Russia.
Why is it important?
The results are impressive - in the last three years alone, the industry has more than doubled in exports and more than 50% in terms of the number of specialists.

Demand for IT services and relatively high wages leads to a significant increase in the number of IT professionals in Ukraine and this area is always in need of new talent, which will be able to become migrants.
According to the study Ukraine IT Report 2021, initiated by the association "IT Ukraine" in 2021, the Ukrainian IT industry grew by 36% - from $ 5 billion in exports to $ 6.8 billion, the number of specialists in 2021 increased from 244 thousand to 285 thousand.
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How is selection and training occur
Testing everyone eager to get an IT profession: a questionnaire + our service Pathfinder, developed on the basis of neural network application and targeted at profiling a personality-prone professional track.
Online classes conducted by IT specialists.
Online guidance to find the first IT job in a selected field.
Online Soft skills course designed to develop communication skills in an IT team, improve time management, boost motivation and leadership.
Online course aimed at guiding to become an IT freelancer. The course was created for ITEA graduates in cooperation with Upwork - the largest freelance exchange in the world.
Creating an account on the platform Jungo to find your first IT job.
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Training programs at the first stage
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